Delicious Greens 8000 Berry

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Delicious Greens 8000 Berry

"Think Outside the Box". Ever heard that before? Many people use this expression but are afraid to put it into practice. At Greens World, Inc., we are not. That is why after the great success of Delicious Greens 8000 Original, we wanted to give you even more. We wanted to have a green powder with a fruity taste. "So we called on Dr. March to give her "Original" formula a twist. After much testing and mixing, her new blend was ready. She successfully created a green blend with a great berry taste!" How did she do it? Freeze dried Organic fruits, vegetables and extracts with digestive enzymes, dairy-free probiotics and the addition of a special immune support berry blend. The result? A 100% vegan, all-natural, delicious berry flavored green treat.

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Suggested Usage:
The Delicious Greens 8000 line of greens and reds blends are considered a Superfood and as such can be used one or more times daily by everyone in the family, including your children.

Mixing Instructions:
Mix 1 scoop of Delicious Greens 8000 Berry with 8 – 12 fl oz of water, juice, milk or any other liquids. You can also mix it with your favorite smoothie.

It may be mixed in warm water if pleased.

The amount of liquid used to mix your Delicious Greens 8000 Berry doesn't change the potency or health benefits of the formula. Some users love it more concentrated and mix it only with 6 fl oz of water.